The coaching method

Renske werkt met passie en enthousiasme.

Do we have a click?

When you are looking for a child coach it is very important to see if there is a click between your child and the coach. We can see if we have this match during an introductory consultation. How does the initial contact feel? You can make an appointment for a free introductory consultation by telephone or by mail.

Plan an introductory consultation

The intake consultation

After you have decided that I should coach your child the next step is an intake consultation.

During the intake consultation I will listen to your story and we will discover what the problem is. This assessment takes the form of a game. By playing the game, you as parents will have a better vision of me as a coach and how I will work with your child. In this consultation you will have time to state your wishes and expectations. Your son or daughter is not present during this meeting, this is all about the parents. I believe that parents are a very important part of the coaching process.

If it becomes apparent, during this phase of the coaching process, that your child needs a different form of support, I can advise you on the best course of action and if necessary, direct you further. You may consult me directly about your child or you may have been referred by a teacher, doctor or psychologist.

How long does the coaching process last?

Omdat elk kind uniek is, is iedere sessie anders. In mijn praktijk heeft jouw kind de ruimte om te praten, spelen, tekenen, verven, spelletjes te doen en te bewegen. Ik werk met verschillende methodes en werkvormen die aansluiten bij jouw kind. Een van mijn coachtools is het COACHEE! spel. Je komt tot de mooiste inzichten. Bij mij leert jouw kind inzicht te krijgen in zijn of haar eigen gedrag en gevoelens. Op een leuke, creative, ontspannende manier wordt jouw kind zich bewust van zijn of haar kwaliteiten. Wanneer jouw kind zichzelf beter leert kennen komt het met meer zelfvertrouwen in het leven te staan. Het antwoord op de vraag ‘Wie ben ik en wat kan ik?’ wordt steeds duidelijker voor jouw kind.

Is an evaluation consultation important?

Yes! Many parents find it pleasant to discuss the development and changes in their child after the coaching process. During this meeting I can answer any questions and give tips on how you can support your child further. You are the most important people in your child’s life. With the skills that I will teach you and the love and attention you have for your child, together we can ensure that your child is happy and stays happy. I hope that I have given you an impression of how child coaching works. If child coaching appeals to you, feel free to contact me without any obligations.

Contact met Renske

In short:

  • Call 06 200 180 11 or leave a message and I will contact you asap
  • You can also send an email to
  • Intake consultation
  • Start child coaching process and Evaluation consultation

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