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Bij Renske voelde ik mij meteen welkom en veilig.

Introducing child coach Renske

kindercoach renskeWhen you enter a child coaching process you are entrusting your child to a ‘stranger’, so it is logical that you want to know who Renske is. This page will tell you more about Renske so that you can get to know the ‘stranger’.

Why choose Renske?

There are many people who have specialised as a child coach. Why should you choose Renske?

Aside from the fact that children and their development is my passion, I see every child as a wonderful individual. This is how I will approach your child. No labels, no prejudices or checklists. I know the theories about methods of learning, developmental programmes and support techniques. I have the certificates and diplomas. I enjoy learning and want to keep continuing to evolve.

Your child is unique and my strategy focuses on the individual. With all my knowledge and experience, I still learn more from every child I coach. This is why it is important to work together with the child and parents, guardians or others involved with the child to see which qualities can be used, instead of looking at the problems we need to solve. 

Contact met Renske

I believe that:

Children need to have unconditional attention. This is how you can help a child return to childhood. You coach children in a way that gives them the skills they need to grow and learn. Every child deserves to be a child and they can, if we let them.

It is important to let children see how they can deal with their challenges by giving them the tools to manage their stress and allow them to rise up to their challenges with confidence.

My background

I was born in Groningen, but I spent my early childhood in the Middle-East. In my youth I have visited Abu Dhabi, Egypt and Doha, the capital of Qatar.

I have dual-nationality, Dutch- British, and I was raised bilingual. I soon discovered that education was my calling. It is no surprise that I went to work at an international school. Teaching children is something I have a passion for. Furthermore, I still help students in Groningen by tutoring English.

Looking back….

During the final year of my teacher training I was able to teach in a small village near Kigoma, Tanzania. During this significant period, I learned a lot about teaching and contact with children. In Tanzania it was not unusual that children are given corporal punishment. There was often fighting in the classroom, very different from the situation in The Netherlands. During my stay I was able to promote change and offer a safe environment for the children in my class. In my classroom no one was hit, there was no biting and eventually, through teaching the children how to communicate with each other, they were able to respect each other and there was a pleasant atmosphere in the class.

Once returned to the Netherlands, the continent of Africa continued to play an important role in my life. In the end I was allowed to teach in South Africa for almost 2 years. In these 2 years I have been able to make a major contribution to the development of many children. In addition to being a teacher, I also assisted the children in my class in difficult times. For example, I helped a student in my class with the grieving process after the death of her father. I was able to support another student very well during the disease process of a mother with recurring cancer.

Back in The Netherlands

Once I was back in The Netherlands I went to work at the International department of a primary school in Groningen. Here I was a pioneer in innovative methods of learning and playing. Through the years I have specialised in several areas. My passion for teaching shifted to a desire to help children in their development. In 2018 I decided to focus fully on this area.

Rock and water trainer

I successfully completed the ‘Rock & Water’ training (Psycho-Physical Social competency training) and I am now qualified to teach these fantastic techniques to others. In 2018 I specialised in the field of psycho-social trauma.

Trainer for visual learners

Using the method ‘I learn differently’ (Ik leer anders) I teach children how to ‘translate’ their schoolwork into visual images so that it can be absorbed by the child’s processing system. 

Child coach Renske

I reached a turning point, the passion for teaching had been replaced by a desire to help children. Coaching gives children the necessary time and space to explore the world in their own way: they learn how to think, discover and socialise; how to enjoy things and they discover who they are, instead of who the world expects them to be.

Contact met Renske

Renske gives children the self-confidence to be successful

Child coach Renske

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