How can child-coaching help?

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The parent and child relationship

As a parent you will find that a child can encounter many challenges in his or her life. This can be seen as positive as it will strengthen your bond and help to create beautiful memories. As parents want to be able to help and support your child, but what happens when things turn out differently than expected? In some situations it is difficult for you as a parent to help your child. You can see and feel that your child is going through a difficult time but you don’t know how to support him or her. This is when the child coach can assist you and your child. This is what I can do to help you.

From ‘just a number’ to number 1!

I don’t see children as numbers, I don’t pigeonhole them or look at what they can’t do or the things they’ve done wrong. I look at the whole child in order to learn who your wonderful child really is. I look at a child’s unique qualities instead of focussing on ‘the problem’.

When can child coaching help?

  • Low self-esteem or lack of self-confidence
  • Stress caused by homework, the school environment or social network
  • Disrupted sleep and mulling over things
  • Difficulty showing affection or talking about emotions
  • Worrying about making mistakes, failure anxiety at school
  • Bullying or being bullied (at school, sports clubs etc.)
  • Regular tantrums, unable to control emotions
  • Difficulty making contact with other children or problems with making and keeping friends
  • Moving house or relocating
  • Coping with sadness caused by illness, parents’ divorce or passing of a loved one
  • In a muddle with themselves without knowing the reason
  • Some children are highly sensitive and don’t know how to cope with that
  • Difficulty adjusting to new situations
  • * …………………………………………………………………….
  • *Every child and situation is different, the list above is not conclusive. Does your child have other difficulties? Feel free to contact me.

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Solving your own problems

With child coaching we take the time to find the essence of the problem. It is important that your child discovers what he or she CAN do. What are my talents? Talents are qualities unique to each person and make them who they are.

The realisation that you can solve your own problems is an amazing development and gives a boost to your self-confidence!

Renske gives children the self-confidence to be successful

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